How To Get More Customers

here is how YOU Can Get More Customers! I can help you take your online or offline business to the next level:

…: 1. Secure Your Website!:  Warning: Google is only beginning to make it hard for small businesses to survive on the internet, in the near future maybe tomorrow your website will say “This site is NOT SECURE” and if your customer fills out a form it will tell them “information you place here will be seen by anyone”.  Now is the time.  Don’t have a website? Today is the day to get a website.  You need to brand your business.

…: 2. Linkedin is your BEST FRIEND!:  The 2nd impression you give your customers is about you and a linkedin profile from a professional copywriter will tell them just what they need to hear about YOU.  People buy from people they trust.  I write linkedin copy that will make you the inspiring person you want your customers to know and love.

…: 3. The Way We Serve Up Publicity to a Business Has Changed.  And It Costs Less Too!:  Are you still using 20 year old advertising strategies to promote your business or clicking, clicking, clicking.  There is a much better solution.

If you’re ready to start taking your business to new heights and steering away from what will hinder you I want you to contact me today.  Here are my details.

Email me: (please note I only use gmail because spam is contained well)

Or Call me: 859-608-8259 (please leave a message if I do not answer.  I may be with a customer.)